Josefina Kaderabek has devoted the majority of her life to horses. Not being horse people themselves, nor having the financial ability to fund Josefina’s Equestrian upbringing her parents did everything possible to support her in every other way they could. This turned out very well for Josefina as she developed an outstanding work ethic from a young age.

At the age of five she was caring for a herd of semi wild Icelandic ponies. Her ambition, determination, perseverance, acquired horse sense and feel led her to begin training Morgan horses by the early age of 12, working at Triple E Ranch for Debra and Paul Clary. Throughout Josefina's youth she competed in everything from County Fairs to "A" circuit jumper shows. Her diverse, well-rounded equine education in her pre-teens had her working and training for many farms during her teen years. 

 Over the years, Josefina has had the chance to develop her skills either working for or training with top riders such as Jim Ifko, Ulrich and Lars Meyer Zu Bexten, Lisa Carlsen, Dayton Gorsline, Joerg Muenzner, Jill Henselwood, Judy Gorsline, and Cheryl Anderson to name a few. She also has experience with preparing and riding horses for mare and stallion inspections. 

Directly out of high school, Josefina began working for Gerrit and Ute Brinkmann of Equitop Farms starting and showing young horses, as well as helping with reproduction, foaling, handling/riding the stallions and rehabilitation of injured horses. Josefina continued to hone her skills for developing superb young horses when she travelled to Germany to work at the renowned Bexter Hof; working and riding professionally for Ulrich and Lars Meyer zu Bexten. 

Upon returning to North America Josefina completed a two-year program at the College of Equine Therapy in British Columbia, graduating at the top of her class with a 4.0 GPA. Upon completion Josefina was able to fine tune her gift of rehabilitating horses with career ending/limiting injuries, as well as problem type horses that had otherwise been restricted due to mental stresses. Hence, her gift and feel gave her the opportunity to rehabilitate a special horse named Where’s Waldo. Together this team competed up to the FEI International level, and went on to win the Canadian Western Bank Grand Prix. 

Josefina’s skill as a trainer and true horseman has been proven numerous times over as she has bred, developed and rehabilitated multiple horses to successfully compete at the 1.30m level and local Grand Prix, including those ridden by child/amateur students. Josefina’s show ring success is not only limited to the Jumper ring, she has also successfully trained and competed horses up to Prelim level in three day eventing. 

As a coach, Josefina has a niche for developing the amateur rider on a green horse. She teaches her students to become effective riders with the ability to bring along young horses, rather than being mere passengers. Josefina has a talent for motivating her students to work hard, train harder, and never limit themselves or their horses! "The sky can't be the limit, when there's foot prints on the moon."